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Medical Equipment

Ayaz  Sanat Maku Free Zone company merchandise and service provider specialized medical equipment and medical

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Maku free zone

Maku free zone organization was established in order to accelerate accomplishing fundamental affairs, construction and development, economic development, investment and increasing public income, providing suitable employment, regulating labor and goods market, active presence in global and regional markets, offering public services, producing different kinds of industrial and technological goods.

Maku free zone is governed by an independent legal entity and its capital completely belongs to the government. This organization and its affiliated companies are exempt from the laws and regulations of the public administration and exclusively managed based on managing rules of free trade-industrial zones in Islamic Republic of Iran and related constitutions and follows business rules in exceptional cases.

Maku free zone organization is managed by a Board of Directors which is composed of three to five people. Board members are selected by the Council of Ministers. Managing director who presides the Board of Directors is elected out of board members and is the highest executive authority in economic and infrastructural fields in the area.


Mission of Maku free zone organization

- Development and growth of zone by proving infrastructures.

- Paving the way for economic development of the zone and increasing pubic income by encouraging investment by private sectors in transit, tourism and industrial fields.

- Producing and exporting industrial products, commodities, and services.

- Regulating labor and goods market and providing suitable employment.

- Active presence in global and local markets.

- paving the way for domestic and foreign universities and scientific - research centers in the area.

Future prospects and plans of Maku free zone organization

1- Achieving the highest position in goods export, import and transit in Western Iran.

2- Making Maku free zone a HUB to absorb and distribute goods through Asia-Europe transit road.

3- Forming modern trade and commercial center by special support of free zone 

4- Increasing added value of export goods by reprocessing them

5- Ranking the first in absorbing investment in transit and stocking section among free zones.



import and export

Maku free zone
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