Ayaz Sanat Maku Free Zone

We are a general trading company based in Iran with many years of experience in the field of foreign trading.

We are trading a vast range of products in a lot of different fields as finished products or raw materials.

Our main proficiencies are food and agricultural, edible and non-edible products, 

Household appliances, decoration of homes and offices

Our main mission is to simplifying purchase-from-Iran complexes for any international trader. By this moment proudly we have played our role as the export section

of more than 50 Iranian manufacturers in many different fields. Among the Flay of the company are as follows:

-       Export and Import

-       To provide service after the sale of the product

-       Cooperation with European and Turkish companies

-       Consulting in the field of border markets Clearance Free Zone Maku

-       Development and equipment manufacturing goods and raw materials

-       Obtaining licenses for pharmaceutical and food

-       Obtaining permits from other organizations, quarantine, standards, industry, environment, healthetc.

import and export

Maku free zone
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Our solutions and ideas

because by performing a lot of import/export projects from/to Iran, We are fully equipped to all required implemented to fulfill the customers demands.
Investment Ayaz
We are professional dealing with Iran and at the moment we are exporting many Iranian-origin materials/products to worldwide. Our main intention is to offer relevant services to our clients and cooperators based on their requirements and demands.