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Are you looking for a specific product from Iran? You are in the right place!

Here is the Export gateway of Iranian manufactured Products.

 With a long time experience with Iranian manufacturers and foreign buyers as well as having a vast knowledge of Iranian regulations and administrative procedures, we do our best to understand your concerns and theirs.

AYAZ Sanat Maku Free Zone a great potential to do barter trading with China, Russia and Turkey. Do you need some products from Iran willing to pay by selling your products instead? We are interested also. Maybe we have some requirements from your area.

The concept of this strategy is that you can be our source finder and inspector in your area and we can be yours in our country. In this way can trade without money transactions but with barter trading instead. 


Finding new suppliers changing your business from "just fine" to "profitable" !

may be you have an active business with Iranian suppliers, importing your requirements from our country. Why not have a look to see what other suppliers offer?
just double check your requirements with us and compare it by yourself.  

If your needed product is one of our regular trading items (please check the products menu in this website) we can offer you the most competitive price and deal very smooth. Otherwise our experts will try their best to give you a reasonable quote. 

Finding new “fresh markets” is a “must” for the future!

You are almost sure about your product and its quality, but the problem is that you don’t have any trustable colleague in some areas.

There is a potentially profitable market in our country, and it‘s a chance to export you products!

 Send a profile of your company and your product, and we would see the researches being done by our team. Just wait for the result and if there was a possibility to sell your products in our local market we would be glad to deal with you.